The Fair Oaks Neighbors is a neighborhood community organization for the Fair Oaks Street area of San Francisco. Running from south of Liberty Street to north of Cesar Chavez, and from Dolores Boulevard on the west  to San Jose Avenue on the east, the neighborhood has gone by many names. Some claim it’s part of Noe Valley, some say it’s part of the Mission, some call it Jamestown (for Saint James Church), some call it Baja Noe, while others have recently been calling it Mission Deluxe.  And of course some insist that the northern end is definitely within the Liberty Hill historic district. But most of the neighbors simply call it home and the best place to live in San Francisco.

Our web site is designed to communicate useful information to our neighbors and the city at large. You’ll find important tips for dealing with issues like public safety and security, as well as fun facts about the special place that Fair Oaks becomes every Halloween for thousands of children from across San Francisco.

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  1. Do you have even more articles like this 1 termed, Fair Oaks Community Coalition (FOCC)
    | A San Francisco Neighborhood? I just desire to read through even
    a lot more about it. Many thanks.

    • admin says:

      I’m not sure that I understand your question fully, but we have a number of articles on the web site and will be adding more over time. We are also thinking of adding registration to the site such that neighbors can have a directory of their neighbors.

  2. sylvia santiago says:

    I wanted to go to the annual garage sale, and missed it again. This Fairoaks Garage sale is always good, but should be advertized much more. I finally looked to Google. When is there going to be another one? I hope sooner than later.

    • admin says:

      I’m sorry that you missed the Fair Oaks Street Fair. This year, as always, it was a great event. Unfortunately the next one is not until next year as it is an annual event always held on the Saturday before Mother’s Day.

      We did advertise the event with flyers that we placed throughout the Fair Oaks neighborhood, in the Mission, and in Noe Valley (something that is done every year). But this year we also posted the event on this web site, via a mailing to our mail list (make sure that you signup for that on this page), and via Craig’s List. We would appreciate your comments on any other medium that we should be advertising, so please let us know at info@fairoaks-sf.org.

  3. Rick Lucha says:

    I was advised a while ago, that the Fair Oaks forum is accessible at the sixth link at the top of the page. I was unaware of it because I saw the talk on the home page, and didn’t bother to go through all the links at the top of the page. So could you please advise the public in the opening paragraph, that if they want to see what’s up in the neighborbood, to click the google group link? Appreciate it.

  4. admin says:

    Yesterday, I received the following comment. I thought that it was important enough of a policy issue that I asked permission to post it as a comment on the site and to provide a public reply. The comment was as follows:

    Dear Webmaster:

    Many of us object to the placement of political ads on the FOCC web site. I am writing in this case regarding the advertisement from the pro-development 8 Washington group on the Alley page. Having this ad on the web site (maybe tacitly and inadvertently) implies an endorsement by the community of the advertiser’s position. It is ironic that as a community we are benefiting from ad revenue from the pro-development 8 Washington group that many of our extended neighbors in the Embarcadero community are fighting. It is not the place of the FOCC to put political ads on our community web site. That site (at least in name) belongs to us all, and not all of us want to support such groups and stand in opposition to grass-roots community efforts elsewhere in the City.

    25th & FO

    • admin says:

      Thank you for your comment, I appreciate that you care enough about the site that you took the time to express your thoughts and feelings on this issue.

      Let me explain how advertising on the site works. I’ve allowed Ads on the site to help defray the costs of running the web site. It is intended to help pay for the managed server. It does not cost a lot to run the site but it does cost something and advertising is just a way to help pay for that.

      The ads that we do run are placed there by Google. I don’t have any control of which ads are placed upon the site. Google Adsense does have some very limited controls to opt-out of certain broad ads categories but these controls are very limited.

      But I think that there is a more important issue at hand. Advertising on the site should not be confused with the editorial content of the site just like the advertising in a newspaper or a magazine should not be confused with the editorial content of the print medium. The purpose of this site is not to take a political stand either pro or con with regards to the issues or products that an advertiser is touting. If I had the controls to ban their ads (which I don’t) and I used that power by banning this particular advertiser from this site, that very act of censorship would be me taking a political stand on that issue.

      The site does have advertising content standards (which have been entrusted to Google) and anyone that meets those standards are free to take out the ad space. I feel strongly that to prefer one advertiser over another would be confusing the editor content with the advertising and it would be bad policy.

      But I think that it is also important to explain a little about how Google places the ads on any site, ours included. Google uses a complicated algorithm that considers many factors in placing a particular ad including who bids the most for the space and the browsing history of the viewer. Because browsing history is a factor every user sees different ads. I’ve never seen the ad that offended you even though I think that I use the site more than anyone else. The reason is that I have no browsing history about the issue that the ad speaks to and thus I’m not considered a good candidate for the ad. You saw the ad when you came to the site because the Google algorithm decided that this is an issue that you care about because of your past browsing history and not because this site endorses that particular advertiser.

      With all of this said, If you or anyone else would like to buy all of the advertising space on the site, that could be arranged as I’m open to any advertiser who meets our content standards.

  5. Karen Hoffmann says:

    To: FOCC
    My name is Karen Hoffmann and I attended the hearing on 6.20 at city hall that pertained to 201 Fair Oaks Street project.
    First I would like to say that the FOCC has so much to be proud in regards to the project at 201 Fair Oaks. I am in awe of the accomplishments of my neighbors. I’m also convinced that many hours were dedicated to ensuring this building held it’s historical place amongst the many such treasures we enjoy in our neighborhood.
    I sincerely thank all who were involved.
    For all of the FOCC accomplishments though, at the end of the process it was just a building, a structure, only now with beautifully painted wood and perfectly restored moldings, however, it still needed something that building codes, variances and DR’s could not provide to anyone.
    Someone to call it, home.
    Folks to move in set down roots and blend into the fabric of our neighborhood, this is what Ken & Felicia did with their daughters.
    They called it something very special, their home.
    After sitting at city hall and listening to hours of cases come before the board I certainly have a greater respect and scope as to what these incredibly dedicated public servants do to ensure our city & neighborhoods keep their integrity. I also understand in this case, agreements were made that I sincerely feel were, not as stated, to protect the historical integrity of the building, but rather to accommodate personal privacy issues, but still agreed upon nonetheless. Where my reasoning fails me is to see why the FOCC would be so committed to take the time effort of a city board to decide how far flower pots could be moved over on a roof top deck to protect a single minded effort to protect privacy? Yes, there is the issue of the agreement, and the integrity of such an agreement, all made prior to actual homeowners coming into the picture. These homeowners, a family, living in a building they call home in our neighborhood, our neighbors.
    The welcome of Ken & Felicia’s family to our neighborhood was muddled in a sea of paperwork regarding prior agreements, petitions and DR’s and tried to work through all of this in the effort to make the house into a home to be enjoyed and lived in.
    In this case the FOCC chose the perceived higher ground of the city planning board as our conscience. Unfortunately, for all the great accomplishments the FOCC made to this project it seems to have ignored a defining factor in the process. The FOCC overlooked to equate the humanity aspect of what makes a building become a family home.
    I my mind, the FOCC which represented our neighborhood, chose to use the city planning board as our moral compass. This board, which does not know any of us, can only understand our neighborhood from blueprints, DR’s, petitions, and variances. The FOCC chose to lay the fate of our integrity as a community to a paper process that is defined by building permits.
    Is this what constitutes our humanity as a community? Or in the future will we try to be better gardeners and nurture community seeds so next time flowers will grow instead of a pile of folders filled with petitions, DR’s and a board to decide our integrity.
    Thank you FOCC for all the great things that came out of this project and a venue to post my opinion.
    Karen Hoffmann
    42 Fair Oaks Street


      I would support a speed bump in 400 block.I would like to see a speed bump in my block(54 fair oaks).Traffic races from 21st to 22nd at high speeds.Cars use this route to avoid intersection of Dolores/22nd.
      Does anyone else agree?

  6. Mike Greenberg says:

    Hi all,

    I’ve lived in the Fair Oaks community for a year now at 440 and am still grateful that I found such a wonderful place to live.

    I’m not sure if this site is the best place to propose this idea, but in any case I wanted to inquire / propose the speed bumps for the 400-block (25th to 26th STs), similar to the 200 block. Although we’re lucky not to get much through traffic, I’ve noticed a tendency, especially in morning commutes, for through-traffic to speed up and down our street. I would think a couple speed bumps would help discourage these commuters, or at least slow them down to safer speeds, helping to further enhance the quiet desirability of our neighborhood.

    I look forward to your replies.
    Mike in 440

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